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The idea for Theater of Hope was formed from a youth mission trip in 2019. This idea was then brought to life by several youths from the Fort Worth metroplex when they presented our first production A Christmas Carol – A Radio Play. You can click here to find pictures of the production rehearsals and cast, as well as the items that were donated for our silent Christmas auction.

The group of people behind the idea of Theater of Hope were at a youth mission trip in 2019 when they noticed the bonds that were formed between the different youth and adult community.  Realizing that same bond needed to come home with the youth and not to be left there at the mission trip, this gave the leadership a vision to create a theater program that would help youth and the community to bond, learn new skills, stretch their imagination, and learn how to use these skills to glorify God and reach people.

Having 35yrs of experience between this group, they started forming an adult leadership board of Tonya Chase, Adam Rose, and Don Davis. Then in August of 2019, we formed our first youth board. Together, the youth and adult board wrote out our mission statement (A JUDGMENT FREE PLACE WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME AND WHERE THE LOVE OF GOD IS SHOWN THROUGH THE CREATIVE INSPIRATION THAT GOD HAS INSTALED IN EACH OF US. THE CREATIVE INSPIRATION OF GOD IS FREELY EXPRESSED SO THAT ALL CAN BE DISCIPLES OF CHRIST), directive statement (THE MISSION STATEMENT IS CARRIED OUT BY THE DIRECTIVE THAT ALL ARTS AND PEOPLE ARE INSPIRED BY GOD AND ARE USED IN HIS COMMISSIONING OF MAKING DISCIPLES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD), as well as our first charter. Also, in August we started rehearsal of A Christmas Carol – A Radio Play. The play went into production in December and was a success. At the beginning of the year, we started talks for our next production which was going to be Princess and The Pea. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus Pandemic hit and shut everyone down. However, we have been very busy behind the scenes writing lesson plans so that we can hold theater classes once we open again.

During the pandemic, there has been growth in our program. We currently have added another adult leader to our adult board, Laura Schweizer, as our costume department head. Laura will be working with the cast in building costumes for our shows and helping lead the program as an adult leader. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for this program, and we look forward to teaming up with the community to move this program to the next level. If you would like to donate to this program, please click here. If you or your child (ages 8 and up)would like to become one of our team members please send an email to


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